LCP and CRC Support

Let us help you run a cost-effective and efficient practice. We offer multiple services that assist Life Care Planners and Certified Rehabilitation Counselors streamline their report process. We can organize, chronologize and hyper-link all of your medical records, bills, and other documents, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the case. Contact us today for prices and more information!

Medical Records Summary

Medical Record Summaries can be utilized along with chronologies or as a stand-alone product.


Our skilled team can create a timeline to exact specifications or simply organize your paper documents and PDF files. 

Literature Research

Vox Medicus has unlimited access to world-class medical library databases, from bio-medical research to nursing and allied health literature. Our skilled team can perform searches for attorneys and life care planners on simple to obscure medical topics, tailored to specific need. Suitable articles can then be used as learned treatises for attorneys and experts.

E-Sorting and Categorizing

Do you need your documents indexed, paginated and stamped? Were here to help and our prices are competitive and TAT is fast.

Medical Record Retrieval

Do you need the Medical Records, Billing Statements, and other records or films from providers? We offer a flat rate competitive price with a TAT of 2 - 3 weeks. Our Medical Record Retrieval process is streamlined and client oriented to save you time and money.

Identification of Missing Records

Ensure your file is complete. Missing, redacted, or incomplete records are retrieved quickly and efficiently, and then integrated into the original file. Complex medical procedures are translated into layman's terms, and handwritten notes are deciphered.

E-Navigating via Hyperlinks and Keyword Searching

Customized keyword or phrase searches coupled with hyperlinked documents make finding files much easier.



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