The Vox Medicus Difference

At VM, our unique background and skill set ensure that you receive the services you want and need. Our time-tested experience as nurses, LNC, and expert witnesses gives us the advantage. We Request Medical Records, Index and Organize, Summarize, and Analyze Medical Records. We can provide nurse analysis, cost data sheets, translate medical conditions, prepare proof packets , determine merit, and locate experts. Save time, money and headaches with our streamlined services. We've combined our years of expertise to provide you accurate, cost effective, and time sensitive services.



Managed Business Services

Let us help you manage out sourcing or assist your business and provide Project Management, Request Medical Records, Medical Record Reviews, Proof Packets, and Database Management.


Medical Record Reviews


Is there merit to the case?  What further information should I request? We can assist you from initial review, to the evaluation and analysis of complex medical information.

Medical Record Retrieval

Let us help you run a cost-effective and efficient practice. We Request Medical Records for all kinds of company’s. With a flat fee per request and average TAT of 2-3 weeks we take your headache away.


 • Online services accessible anywhere 

 • Quality and Efficiency

 • Skilled and credentialed teams


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