Medical Record Reviews in Utah

Medical Record Reviews

Is there merit to the case? What medical professionals should assist us in review? Do we need specialized expert witnesses? How can I understand the medical issues confronting my client? What further information should I request? We can assist you from initial review, to document preparation, client interviews, hearings and the evaluation and analysis of complex medical information. We act as collaborators and behind the scene consultants in all areas of litigation, and can render opinions on standard of care, health care delivery and outcomes. Our team members are board certified by and proud members of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AANLC).

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1. Document Retrieval

Retrieving medical documents from facilities, physicians, therapists, billing departments and all other health care providers saves valuable resources and money. Each record is then scanned and uploaded via a secure link.

2. E-Sorting and Categorizing

Uploaded documents are indexed, paginated, and date stamped. Records are organized by facility, provider, date, and document types, or customized data fields.

3. Medical Chronologies

Our skilled team can create a timeline to exact specifications. This means if you need a sequence of events arranged minute by minute, day by day or just a general overview, we can process unlimited numbers of pages efficiently and accurately. 24 hour turn around if necessary. Medical records are uploaded via a secure server and returned in an easy to read format. Each record is hyperlinked, allowing the viewer to click immediately to the actual record.  Critical clinical information and key facts are presented using out templates, or customized specifically to your needs. The use of timelines provides a visual view of events.

4. Identification of Missing Records

Ensure your file is complete. Missing, redacted, or incomplete records are retrieved quickly and efficiently, and then integrated into the original file. Complex medical procedures are translated into layman's terms, and handwritten notes are deciphered.

5. Medical Records Summary

Our factual narrative summaries provide a clear, concise review of the entire sequence of events, and are completed only by Registered Nurses who understand the often-complex medical issues. Medical Record Summaries can be utilized along with chronologies or as a stand-alone product.

6. Data Extraction

We can analyze large volumes of medical records required for Toxic Tort and Class Action Cases. The strengths and weaknesses of each are outlined clearly and concisely.

7. E-Navigating via Hyperlinks and Keyword Searching

Documents are hyperlinked by clicking or hovering over specific elements within a document. The original source, medical record, or document is then instantly available.

Customized keyword or phrase searches locate specific subject matter, making finding files much easier.


We also have a special interest and specialty knowledge and training in geriatric issues and genetic anomalies. 

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