Case Management

Vox Medicus assists with future costs for catastrophic injuries to assist in setting reserves. This service includes a full medical outline of the case, recommendations with associated cost, and a present value economic analysis.

Our services include:

Medical Record Reviews

We can assist you from initial review, to document preparation, client interviews, hearings and the evaluation and analysis of complex medical information.

Disability Cost Analysis

Many times a case requires research on a specific medical treatment or procedure. A Disability Cost Analysis is an efficient and cost-effective method to document your client’s needs. We use evidence-based research tools to document each and every procedure with associated cost.


Each record is hyperlinked, allowing the viewer to click immediately to the actual record.

Life Care Planning

Let us help you run a cost-effective, efficient and evidence-based practice. We can organize, chronologize and hyper-link all of your medical records and other documents, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the case.

Billing Chronologies